Verrill Farm – Asparagus Tour and Lunch

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April 17, 2019
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April 17, 2019

Verrill Farm – Asparagus Tour and Lunch

After a one year hiatus, the Asparagus Tour and Lunch are back by popular demand! Attend one or the other or both!

Before heading out on the tour, here’s some food for thought on asparagus. Asparagus is Verrill Farm’s first crop of the season and reminder of the benefits of buying local: flavor, freshness and supporting local agriculture and two, asparagus plays an important role in Concord history. In the late 19th – early 20th century, Concord produced 50% of the Massachusetts crop and was the lead producing town in the country! Around 1920, disease struck and production stopped until Verrill Farm planted a field in the 1980’s with new hybrids which are more disease-resistant than older varieties.

Verrill Farm grows the crop on 6 -7 acres with an approximately 6 – 7 week harvest, peaking in May when approximately 75% of the crop is picked and the tour and lunch are scheduled for an outstanding customer experience!

Asparagus field tour leaves the stand at 11:00 am
• Farm owner Steve Verrill shares tips on planting and tending the crop. Everyone is encouraged to pick a few stalks before leaving the field.
Asparagus themed buffet lunch at 12:00 pm
• Chef Kevin Carey offers tips on preparing and cooking asparagus
• $30.00 per person.
• Reservations required. Please call 978.369.4494 by May 24.

Verrill Farm • 11 Wheeler Road • Concord, MA


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