CCM Virtual Group Classes – Learn How to Create and Produce Music

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Friday, August 21, 2020
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Friday, August 21, 2020

CCM Virtual Group Classes – Learn How to Create and Produce Music

Concord Conservatory of Music is beckoning all teens and adults who crave or want to understand, how to make a great song! This fall, experience one of the new Concord Conservatory of Music, Music Creation and Production classes. Learning to create music takes more than using an app.  From an expert in the field, you will learn how to combine the elements of music to produce your song.

Whether it’s Classic Tracks: Dissect legendary songs and mixes or Track Builders: Music Production using GarageBand, connect with others for the excitement of making music. Our exceptional CCM faculty delivers online learning that’s fun and stimulating. Get your creativity flowing with these highly engaging classes and discover how great music is made. Each program will include Zoom sessions, and other resources to supplement the course.  If songwriting is more your interest, in our Songwriting course, you’ll discover that songwriting is more than just knowing harmony, melody, and form.

What goes into making classic and outstanding songs? The lyrics, arrangement, tracking, and its mixes—there’s a lot to understand. You’ll expand your skills by learning from masters in the field of music production and writing. Enhance your understanding of music using the GarageBand tool, and gain a more in-depth “behind the scenes” knowledge of what makes great music. Any of these classes, or a combination of, will allow you to appreciate music and get you on your road of becoming a master of music production.

Explore all CCM offerings or set-up private lessons at or call (978) 369-0010. Professional faculty focus on individual students, their needs, and their skill level for private instruction. The Concord Conservatory of Music (CCM) is the area’s non-profit community music school, located at 1317 Main Street in the West Concord Union Church. Financial assistance is available.

CCM student Track Builders having fun learning how to create music using GarageBand.