National Coin Week

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April 6, 2019
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April 11, 2019

National Coin Week

When was the last time you and your  looked at your change?  Perhaps the even bigger reality is most folks seldom get change to jingle around in the pocket or purse.  With the proliferation of on line payments along with credit  and debit cards, pay-pal, direct deposits, wiring of funds and other means of payments few folks these days even have coins to look at on a daily basis.  National Coin Week is April 21 to 27 and Northeast Numismatics plans on using and spending several thousand interesting coins that you do not see on an everyday basis here in Concord and surrounding towns in the days leading up to this event. We are looking to spark an interest in coin collecting.  Perhaps a new found interest or one revived from past collecting.  We are hoping to simply get folks to simply start looking at their change.

If you are at the right establishment at the right time you may be one of the lucky ones to see Indian cents, buffalo nickels, mercury dimes and other silver coins, Eisenhower and Sacagawea dollars, silver certificates and two dollar bills, Kennedy halves, steel cents and many others that you may not even know exist or have not seen for decades.

If you wish to interview us further in this regard to do an article perhaps contact us at your convenience.  We really want to get the word out.

Regards   Tom Caldwell


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