Concord Museum – Women’s Suffrage

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October 31, 2019
Concord Museum – Silhouette Portraits
November 7, 2019

Concord Museum – Women’s Suffrage

Commemorating 100 Years Since Massachusetts Ratified the 19th Amendment
For far too long, the history of how American women won the right to vote has been told as the tale of a few iconic leaders. Join the Concord Museum for a conversation with Susan Ware, Honorary Women’s Suffrage Historian at Radcliffe’s Schlesinger Library and author of Why They Marched: Untold Stories of the Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote with historian Ellen Fitzpatrick on Thursday, November 7, 2019, at 7:00pm.

Susan Ware will uncover a much broader and more diverse story of the many women who worked tirelessly in communities across the nation, out of the spotlight, protesting, petitioning, and insisting on their right to full citizenship. This event is co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Concord-Carlisle and the Women’s Suffrage Celebration Coalition of Massachusetts. $10, $5 Concord Museum Members; reservations required.


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