CCACE Speaker Series – Aligning Mission & Purpose

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Friday, January 8, 2021
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CCACE Speaker Series – Aligning Mission & Purpose

Mike Robichaud is a long-time Concord resident who loves Teamwork. He leveraged Teamwork experiences as a high school and collegiate student-athlete to launch a small business in the late 80’s that is now a leading staffing organization in the US. In 2009 he was able to pursue a dream to coach high school football. He took over a program that was in need of a turnaround.

What he found was many of the same principals to build a high-performing Teams in business applied to rebuilding a sports program. And ironically, the core principals he originally installed to build his business came from the lessons-learned in competitive sports.

“Aligning Mission & Purpose” will be a discussion of the process, challenges, and rewards of building and sustaining a positive culture of high-performance. Foundational themes of Mission, Vision, Goal Setting, Clear Expectations, and the power of Purpose will be threaded throughout.

LS103 Online, Online 1/27 – 1/27 We 07:00 PM – 08:00 PM Robichaud $10.00 REGISTER NOW