Says You! Live Performance Gift-wrapped Gab..

Grand Opening Celebration
October 24, 2017
Crucolo Day
October 26, 2017

Says You! Live Performance Gift-wrapped Gab..

Says You! Live at 51 Walden in Concord, MA (home of the Concord Players). We call this show Gift-wrapped Gab…  Saturday, December 2, a late afternoon show beginning at 4:00PM and ending at 6:30PM. Join us as the Says You! teams square off in fierce competition.  Lovers of “cross words” will most assuredly find a home in our midst. The questions keep on coming and the laughter never ceases. Two games will be recorded for broadcast nationally on public radio with a brief intermission.  This is the toughest game on radio with the softest heart – come match wits with us.  Begin the holiday season with friends and family.

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