Free Webinar: What Would Disney Do?

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June 8, 2017
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Free Webinar: What Would Disney Do?

Free Webinar:
What Would Disney Do?

June 20th  |  12 – 1pm EDT

Every business exists to serve those who want and need its goods and services. So, why do some businesses seem to serve well, while others fail miserably? Across business sectors and throughout today’s competitive global marketplace, service is THE key differentiator in customer choice, and great service begins with employees at all levels.

Whether your organization serves patrons, patients, customers, clients or guests – our expert panelists will shed light on customer engagement issues that you confront every day.

  • How might companies rethink their customer service through the lens of a company best known for being the gold standard in customer engagement?
  • What does it take to increase customer engagement and company reputation?
  • How can we help front line employees understand their critical role as brand ambassadors, in order to create stellar customer interactions?

Register now to learn from two former Disney employees who can help you translate the Disney approach to service in your own unique organization.

Dr. Stephen Brand
Executive Director of Global Learning, Bay Path University
Lenn Millbower
the Mouse Man™, Offbeat Training, LLC

Learn more about Lenn.
Jesse Stanley

former Sr. Security Manager, Walt Disney
Learn more about Jesse.

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