Discovery Museum Grand Opening Weekend

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January 10, 2018
Opening Reception – Views from the East
January 10, 2018

Discovery Museum Grand Opening Weekend

All-New Discovery Museum Set To Open Its Doors


New museum name and brand launched


Grand Opening Weekend February 10 and 11; children admitted free

Acton, MA – After 35 years of operation, more than 4.6 million children and families served, tens of thousands of family memories made, and millions of hands-on STEAM-based A-HA! moments enjoyed, the expanded, completely renovated, fully accessible, and now single-building Discovery Museum will open its doors to the New England community for a grand opening celebration weekend February 10 and 11, 2018, 9:00am to 4:30pm each day. Children 12 and under will be free all weekend as a Thank You to the community.



Signature new museum exhibits include:

da Vinci Workshop – Using recycled materials, off-the-shelf supplies, and tools and technology ranging from saws and hammers to circuits and robotics, visitors can use tools, tinker, design, build, and invent like the artist, scientist, engineer, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci. A vertical airstream allows experimentation with aerodynamics principles and engineering flying and hovering prototypes.

Brain Building Together – A dedicated space for children aged birth through three and their parents and caregivers, this exhibit was designed based on the latest in early brain development research to support playing, exploring, and experimenting.

Simple Machines Gallery – Visitors explore balls, ramps, gears and cogs, inclined planes, screws, and pulleys to see and feel how these simple machines use mechanical advantage to accomplish a task. Children can create and set off a chain reaction and use gears to flap the wings of the giant da Vinci ornithopter—an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings—overhead.

Sound Gallery – The amazing properties of sound become visible and hands-on for all. Visitors will explore and experience sound by seeing, hearing and feeling waves and physical vibrations. 

Yes, It’s Math! – This gallery of fun, hands-on activities uses real world, visual interpretations of math concepts to show that math is all around us, every day, and we are naturally good at it.

A-Mazing Airways – This 13’-foot-tall interactive pneumatic sculpture of tubes and blowers allows visitors to test and demonstrate the incredible power of air. It is the only free-standing exhibit of its kind in North America.

Water Gallery – Laminar Flow, Double Open Vortex, Morphable Stream, the Coanda Effect—the fascinating scientific principles of water are pure, wet fun through hands-on experimentation in this all-new exhibit. 

Light & Color Gallery – This visitor-favorite exhibit on the properties of and relationship between light and color has been reimagined and recreated using LED technology to be more vividly engaging for all.

Bessie’s House – a reproduction façade of the original Children’s Discovery Museum building is inside the new museum, with reimagined and accessible versions of iconic exhibits designed for early learners, including the Train Room, Ship Room, Bessie’s Diner, and Backyard at Night.

Community Gallery — A 1,500 square foot open space will allow the museum to host traveling exhibits that complement its regular collection; it will also accommodate large-scale, long-term visitor projects. The museum will open with Bricks, Sticks, and Arches, a community building project.




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